Day 8: Steam holiday sale deals are a Far Cry from a Bulletstorm

Day 8: Steam holiday sale deals are a Far Cry from a Bulletstorm

So we’re back, Day 8, tons of casualties so far and the sale machine keeps going strong. Today we have a new assortment that many will find attractive. Without any other jabbering on…

What to buy? Far Cry is a staple in the FPS genre, while Crytek made the first game and Ubi had a new team do the sequel the games are still amazing examples of technical achievement. Worms is a classic to pass the day with fun strategy gaming and Kings Bounty handles the more hardcore elements.

While normally that’s it, Beat Hazard is a sweet deal, Rock of ages is a blast, Bastion has gotten so much praise this year it’s crazy and Red Faction and Bulletstorm will have you gaming for months to come.

It’s hard to pass up anything in this batch but if your’e budgeting time go for what looks to fit your desires best. Also, some of the franchise bundles are a steal right now.

Need the daily objectives?

  • Rusty Hearts – All I want for Christmas is sewers – Complete the quest “A simple task” from technical officer Ryan
  • A Game of Thrones – Genesis – Winter is coming – Play as the Starks an entire multiplayer game or vs AI
  • Beat Hazard – Survive Christmas 10 – In survival mode, last 10 minutes while playing to a Christmas Radio Station
  • Rock of Ages – Snowball War – Win a match using the Snowball boulder
  • Bastion – Ride the wind – Use the Skyway in the Wharf District
  • Worms Reloaded – 12 days of winterval – Deal exactly 12 damage to a worm with 100 health

Good luck, good gaming and I’ll see you tomorrow for day 9

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