Review – Mass Effect: Invasion #3 – Omega Under Seige! Part 3 of 4

Review – Mass Effect: Invasion #3 – Omega Under Seige! Part 3 of 4

Story: Mac Walters
Script: John Jackson Miller
Art: Omar Francia
Cover: Massimo Carnevale
Alternate Cover: Paul Renaud
Published By: Dark Horse

Massimo Carnevale Cover

Omega’s defenses are down, unmanned and vulnerable, it seems that everyone and everything is using this opportunity to gain control of Omega.  Colonel Ashe and his men, at the direction of the Illusive Man, are now hoping to act fast and take over Omega before anyone else has the time to regroup and step in.  Aria is still imprisoned by Oleg and is unable to use any of her powers to escape.  After an important conversation with Oleg, Aria proves that she is not just physically powerfully but also mentally powerful.  She succeeds in planting seeds of doubt in Oleg’s head about the Illusive Man and Oleg’s loyalty to him.  Even though she is imprisoned in such a way that her powers are stifled, she is still a badass and manages to find a way to escape.  As Aria makes her way back to Omega we learn that Colonel Ashe and his crew have pissed everyone on Omega off so bad that they have successfully made all the warring groups come together in unity to destroy the Cerberus crew.  Will they succeed under Aria’s direction or will the Illusive Man come out on top?  We will find out in the next and last issue of this series!

This issue is very good, I enjoyed it a lot more than the last issue.  There is more action and the dialog moves along at a better pace.  The dialog and story progression also helps to make many of the characters, like Oleg and Ashe, deeper and more interesting.  The art, as always, is great; however, a little more facial detail might bring the emotions that the characters are feeling to life just a bit more.  This issue is definitely recommended but if you are new to the series, do yourself a favor and start with #1, jumping into the series in the middle would be impossible to follow!

Paul Renaud Cover

Release Date: December 21st, 2011

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