Review: Orchid #3

Review: Orchid #3

Script: Tom Morello
Art: Scott Hepburn
Colors: Dan Jackson
Cover: Massimo Carnevale
Published By: Dark Horse

Massimo Carnevale Cover

In the last issue of Orchid we saw Orchid, Simon and Yehzu about to die as a result of genetically modified, totally scary, extra-large bears.  Just as death seemed imminent they were rescued by a mysterious woman who rode in on her trusty steed.  This issue begins eleven days later, still staying with the mystery woman, who for all intents and purposes… seems a bit loony, but definitely has the will to survive (she seems to only communicate in song.)  We find that she has a very close relationship with her horse, Radius, which is understandable as she lives in the middle of the wild all alone and appears to have lived like this for a very long time.  As Orchid decides that she can no longer stay with the crazy lady and Simon (whom she blames for everything), she finally talks!  We learn her name is Opal and she tells them her life story, which is both captivating and heartbreaking.  Opal, tells of her relationship with the great revolutionary General China, the man of the people. Or was he?

This issue like the previous two is phenomenal.  There are so many layered stories that are all fantastic and even though it should be confusing it’s done so well that it’s not.  The flashback storytelling of this series is amazing, Tom Morello really understands how to get to the heart of these characters and makes every story fantastic.  The writing is concise and so perfect that the only thing you are left wanting is more.  If you have not started reading these yet do yourself a favor and go get this one and the previous two immediately, you won’t be sorry!

Release Date: December 14th, 2011

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