The Nintendo 3DS System Update is here!

The Nintendo 3DS System Update is here!

It’s been mentioned a million times already but Nintendo finally has their system update available now. There are a few new features rolling out but the biggest is 3D video recording, stop-motion recording, the upgraded eShop and the StreetPass Mii Plaza.

For those wondering about Hulu Plus. No sign of it yet in the update notes the shop or on Hulu itself, what was one of the most anticipated updates is still missing from the 3DS.

Here are a few special notes on the upgrade:

  • 3D Video is limited to 10 minute bursts, most likely a buffer limitation
  • The eShop now supports credit to add the funds required
  • Download now or Download later are available for purchases on the fly
  • Download queues are now able to work while the system is in sleep mode
  • Find Mii and Puzzle swap see new upgrades in StreetPass Mii Plaza
  • Nintendo Zone support is expanded to over 29,000 3DS Hotspots
  • Netflix requires a subscription still ($7.99 base)
There’s a ┬álot of functionality here but I think most of the attention will be toward Hulu Plus missing the boat again on the 3DS. Only time will tell is Nintendo is content with just Netflix on board and their internal video service or if they’ll make that leap finally.


  • james braselton
    December 7, 2011

    hi there the update was suposed too be release on december 8 2011 its december 7 2011 it may take hulu 24 hours too set up the 3d movies for 3ds soo i wont go crying just yet or complain netflix has no 3d movies becuase they wanted out on time soo check back tomarow on the 8 of december 2011 thats when every thing should be out

  • james braselton
    December 27, 2011

    hi there vee its closing in 2012 not late 2011 we should start complaing

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