Review – Resurrection (2012 Reprint – Arwen Elys Dayton)

Review – Resurrection (2012 Reprint – Arwen Elys Dayton)

In 2001 the world got a Sci-Fi offering from Arwen Elys Dayton, he work centering around 3 societies, 3 planets, 2 timelines and countless people involved. It sounds like something that might not blend so well but Dayton takes up the challenge in Resurrection and runs with it, Kinley Sentinel Pruit ventures on an uncertain mission of desperation with her partner Niks, facing all odds as they travel light years for hope to save their friends, their family and their entire race on Herrod from annihilation.

In 2012 we have a revised release of the book handled under the care of 47North that launches today January 24th, the revised book comes in at 442 pages although 422 of them show the story itself. Resurrection comes with revised artwork, heavy stock pages and a comforting font size. I do have to admit, I never caught the first release of the book but this will be a thorough review based on our copy. If you’re looking for detailed tidbits at a risk of knowing too much, I do suggest reading the spoiler section as I do not wish to ruin the book for anyone.

The Lucien and Kinley are opposing cultures gripped in a struggle for destruction of each other, with a past of nuclear war and plagues designed for genocide  there’s little for these cultures to feel at ease about. The Kinley face a struggle against radiation that engulfs their planet and endangers their entire future, to top that off the Lucien colonies have banded together to exterminate them in a future strike. With only legends and fables to drive their hope, the Kinley place it all on the line to recover lost artifacts that stand as their only hope of salvation. Fate would not be so kind in Dayton’s world to let this pass though, instead the path ahead of them rests in tragedy, struggle and survival against all odds.

Resurrection isn’t just a regular Sci-Fi piece, it brings in historical references to the land of Egypt and it drives a detailed experience to the reader to immerse them in this world. From the character descriptions to the bleak surrounding as Pruit passes through space in what can only be described as a test of faith in her mission. It brings cultures clashing over stories that have become legends, both sides grounded in their own hate and disgust for each other and looking only toward a final death-blow to the other group. The tensions of these two groups only bring down crushing weight upon all those involved in this mission which spans the length of the book.

When you bounce between thousands of years earlier, then present day and then flashbacks, it’s not an easy task. Dayton manages to weave these stories together from polar opposite ends of the spectrum into a single intensive story line, the lost scientists, the Kinley struggle and the Lucien thwart attempts and a bunch of Earthlings caught up in the mix all find a harmony as the acts draw together. In some moments it’s heart breaking and in other chapters it drives an urge for triumph in light of all the tragedy. No one has it easy in the universe for Resurrection, not now and not 5,000 years ago, there’s always a conflict or a desire for power and it doesn’t matter if its aliens or humans involved.

[spoiler show=”Show Plot Spoilers” hide=”Hide Plot Spoilers”]Fair warning, this does cover major spoiler areas of the story. Resurrection encompasses lost scientists from the Kinley world now referred to in ancient form, their story unfolds through the book 5,000 years ago in the land of Egypt. The team struggling to adapt to their new environment as they land just shy of the Kings of the region, struggling to show their level of authority without causing a war they struggle to work as outsiders but find themselves seen as Gods. The team has to face this issue as the challenge and abandonment from their planet eat away their existing unity and draw questions of betrayal and deception from their own ranks.The Kinley face a world on the brink of extinction, after the plague release on the Lucien’s they had to deal with their own issues of radioactive poisoning and bombings upon their cities that remained. After catching a spy the Sentinel command realizes their entire population is on the verge of absolute annihilation as the Lucien plan to eradicate them from the universe. Pruit and Niks the most trusted of their guard get sent to Earth on a last gamble to seek out the lost technology allowing for faster than light travel, if successful they might be able to move their people to safety or out class the Lucien at their own game.

The Lucien only wish for retribution for the plague, unaware their own bombs already decimated the Kinley population into near extinction they push for a final attack. Upon hearing of the Kinley recovery plan from their internal spies, they decide to send two brothers, a Kinley clone and one of their Lucien stars into pursuit of the Kinley craft to stop them and recover the technology for themselves. The chase is on to Earth where all of this rests and even then, it’s just the beginning of the hunt, betrayals and struggle for all of them.


The only issue for some is the cinematic style of writing may wear down some readers, the details come in waves as new areas and characters enter the story. Not only are the introduced in attire but they’re often detailed down to their odor in some cases, vehicles and environments often take up the same detail to some level as well. It’s certainly helpful to see that much information but it does tax the casual crowd.

Resurrection brings many elements of storytelling into a single package, delivering an experience that will take readers down this troubled path of the Kinley race and their bleak future. It’s a detailed adventure that drags readers in and keeps them curious for more. Sci-Fi fans will no doubt find some comfort and familiarity in the read and Action/Adventure fans will find something to enjoy as well given the rules of the world don’t adhere strictly to the genre. At $10.76 in paperback on Amazon or $4.99 for the Kindle version it’s a great title to include in your personal library.

Release date: Now! [Amazon]

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