Review – The Art Of The Mass Effect Universe

Review – The Art Of The Mass Effect Universe

Captions By: Casey Hudson & Derek Watts & Chris Hepler
Published By: Dark Horse

This very big, very comprehensive Mass Effect hardcover art book breaks down into sections for each game, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and finally Mass Effect 3. As the Mass Effect series will soon be releasing the final installment, Mass Effect 3 in March, this book takes a look at the entire series, gathering everything in one place for the die-hard fan. What is really awesome about this collection is that with the insider captions on each picture you also get the concept art. I always love the prototype art because it really gives you a peek at the process to get to the final product. Sometimes the concept art is not too far off from the end result but sometimes they are completely different and that is always really amazing to see. Nothing is lacking in this collection. Characters, ships, environments and weapons, yep, they’re all here. This is an absolute must have for all Mass Effect fans!

Release Date: February 8th, 2012
Price: $39.99

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Overall: 5 stars

Preview the book here on Dark Horse Digital or check our mini gallery below!

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