Bamfas Deals of the week 2/1/12

Bamfas Deals of the week 2/1/12

Another Wednesday is upon us and that means its time for the Bamfas deals of the week!

This list of loot should carry you over for the rest of the week and hopefully give you something to look forward to in the mail on Monday. On with the goods! #1 weekly want

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Series

It has been called the greatest show ever (often by me) for a good reason. The set includes every episode over 39 DVDs. If you have not seen the show before, this is a great chance to see it for the first time. Sure it is on Netflix instant streaming but the collectors set’s packaging is a must for fans with worn down and possible played out discs.

Deal details: 64% off right now for $72.99 on []



The tidy tech deal of the week

Flexicord HDMI cable

If you are anything like me then you have a mess of tangled cables behind your tv. You can try to stash it but it just never wants to stay hidden. This handy cable uncoils to the exact you need. Since they don’t recoil, they come with a recoiler if you need to adjust the length.

Deal details: $9.99 on []
The DIY, Moar Power!! Deal of the week

Dual USB outlet

I dare you to not want this! Perfect addition to your home office that is lacking outlet space. No more deciding what to unplug because your phone is about to croak. If you are worried about installation, it does come with detailed step by step instructions.

Deal details: $26.96 on []







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