Review – King Conan #2: The Phoenix On The Sword Part 2 of 4

Review – King Conan #2: The Phoenix On The Sword Part 2 of 4

Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Tomas Giorello
Color: Jose Villarrubia
Cover Art: Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson

Thoth-Amon informs Baron Dion of Ascalante’s plan to betray the Baron once his plan has flourished. As the wizards cast a spell which makes the Baron see in the past, during the time he served under King Ctesphon and controlled an army of demonic beings which he ruled the temple of Stygia unopposed with. As long as he had the The Serpent Ring of Set he had no equal, until one day a thief stole his ring from his hand while he was sleeping. From there he tells the story of when he ran into Ascalante on the battlefield which resulted in all of Amon’s men killed leaving him behind. After reliving his identity to Ascalante and swearing to serve him, Thorh- Amon promises the Baron that if he protects him from Ascalante until the day he recovers his ring. Whispers  in his dreams have mentioned to him the ring is close and soon he will regain his power once more.[spoiler show=”Story Spoilers” hide=”Story Spoilers”]
Baron Dion makes a reference to the ring Thoth-Amon had shown him in a vision and that he possess one of its liken which was given to him by a shemitish thief who claimed to have stolen it while in the south, the Baron Dion opens his jewelry chest and shows Thoth-Amon the ring he spoke of. To the wizards surprise it was his ring the Baron Dion had possed and in a violent rage Thoth-Amon calls the fat baron a thief thrusts his sword in too his chest. With his ring and power returned Thoth-Amon makes his way into the darkness.


As Conan sleeps in his bed, a mysterious fog approaches, amongst the fog a voice calls out to him which awakens him. Realizing that this no dream he grabs his sword and prepares for the worst, as the fog continues to spread a bright light all begins to consume Conan and teleports him to an abandoned castle surrounded by fog. Conan cautiously enters the door way of what seems like throne room, inside a hooded man is sitting and waiting for him, as Conan gets closer the hooded man asks him if he knew who he was… implying the Cimmerian should for he is Epemitreus The Saga…——————————————————————————————————————————————————–[/spoiler]

Final thoughts: The Phoenix On The Sword Part 2 continues the story  from part 1, we also get a glimpse of  Thoth-Amon’s past. One thing about 4 issue comics is the stories sometimes feel rushed leaving  a lot of holes in the plot and you wanting more. I don’t expect King Conan: The Phoenix on the Sword to have that problem as everything is straight forward like most of the Conan comics. With that said, The Phoenix On The Sword  Part 2 is decent read and it should hold you over until Part 3.

Release Date: February 29, 2012
Preview – Dark Horse Comics| Pre-Order – TFAW

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