Review – Prototype 2 #1 – The Anchor Part 1

Review – Prototype 2 #1 – The Anchor Part 1

Writer: Dan Jolley
Artist: Paco Diaz
Coloring: Michael Atiyeh
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Paco Diaz with Michael Atiyeh
Designer: David Nestelle
Assistant Editor: Brendan Wright
Editor: Dave Marshall
Publisher: Mike Richardson
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Twelve months since the events of Prototype we step into a mid-story to connect the past arc to the future game, it’s a confusing time for Alex Mercer but we get a taste of the struggle he’s been trying to cope with since the release of the Blacklight virus in New York. Savior to the city or not for stopping a nuclear blast he’s at odds with the massive destruction he unleashed getting there with untold numbers of slayings.

Alex takes us into Part 1 of The Anchor to share his take on the events since then, a search for himself or what he could even call himself as he wanders the world hoping to reconnect with the human race again. Unfortunately he finds more questions than answers and his own resolution comes into question, why is he driving so hard to attach himself to this world and what does this help or support actually do to help these people? His travels bring questions of greed and self-preservation over the love of neighbors, friends or a community, that even in the worst of cases he still fails to see that redemption he desires from the humans to gather together and rise up as one.

All is not lost for Alex, as the title indicates, there is some hope. In seclusion he finds a new take on life that drives him back to that hope for restarting his life again without all the blood on his hands that he had grown accustomed to. Unfortunately fate could not be so kind to allow for such things and it all starts to go south, Alex finds that even in the most removed locations the corruption still finds a way to reach him in some form as those that he now holds dear face threats and extermination.

As a digital release the book is short, 14 pages including the cover work leave a lot to be desired given the shifts from Prototype to Prototype 2, the art is solid and detailed but the plot development doesn’t have time to move so casually. When hitting the final page I had to double-check to be sure that was really all there was in this first chapter, for 99 cents it is hard to hold such a thing against it, the only gripe would be the end of the issue hitting like a brick wall as the pace quickens once again. Fortunately the series is on a 2 week release schedule to keep everyone glued in for more.

Release date: February 15, 2012

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