ThinkGeek brings Valentines Day gift ideas

ThinkGeek brings Valentines Day gift ideas

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Feeling adventurous this Valentines Day? Stuck trying to find that gift for the guy who doesn’t have it all but is still incredibly picky? Or are you just wondering what levels of madness this team is up to for this holiday approaching? It doesn’t really matter, you’re here and I’m blasting you with interesting goods from the 2012 Geek Love sale at Think Geek.


Everyone loves treats, if they’re sweet or painful… well that’s your choice. I have a bit of both and one that could prove to be too hot to handle.

Star Wars – Han Solo Chocolate Bar – Han never deserved this one but this season he gets a sweeter punishment. Cast into dark chocolate, Han is cast with remarkable likeness to his Star Wars form that we’ve all come to know. The only difference is you’ll be tasked with his fate, will he stay shelved to admire  over the years or will you devour him when craving strikes? – $9.99


Zombie Bon Bon’s (Cherry) – Nothing says love like biting a zombies face in half, these dark chocolate heads come with syrup and cherries inside to give them an extra touch of effect. Coming in a Pack of 6 you’ll have to figure out who that special someone is you want to share them with. Will it be your stomach to collect them all or a special someone to share with? – $9.99


Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls – Need to seal the deal on a proposal or to test that til death do us part section of those vows? This will come close enough, trust me, after having sauce I couldn’t imagine trying these… yet.

Reasons to buy:

1. You like romantic evenings spent in the ER
2. You both hate your colon and organs
3. You feel taste buds are over-rated and would like to go without them for a while

These will burn like hell in your mouth, make no mistake – $7.99

Cupcake Mints – Nervous about that first date experience on the day? Escaped from work early but you still pack a punch of chips salsa and burritos from lunch? These treats could be the answer that not only helps break the ice but also distracts from any immediate problems as well. Honestly I’m kinda craving one right now. Given the standard flavors out there these mints offer that little extra that you can’t just find at the store. – $2.49 – 5.99



Clothing / Attire

Clothing is always a welcome gift when done properly, I’ve highlighted a few stand out pieces in this collection.

Agloves Capacitive Touch Screen Gloves – hate freezing your hands or know someone who does? The conductive fibers in these may not win style awards but they’ll allow you to avoid frostbite on your fingers when typing in the cold.  Compatible with an array of platforms they should keep fingers toasty and typing. – $15.99



8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt – couples shirts are a sketchy area, these dynamic life shirts try to tempt the wearer by using Zelda life hearts to refresh your gauge as you close in on hugging distance with that special someone. Otherwise you’ll linger at 2 1/2 hearts when distanced too far apart. An interesting shirt to have but it might not appeal to a wide audience, should get eyes if worn in darker places like a theater. – $17.99 – 24.99



Less Than Three Babydoll – ASCII love knows no bounds, now it’s leaping onto shirts, when you’re stuck trying to find that perfect something for her this is always a safe bet, cute and sure to get that “awww” moment once unwrapped. It’s simple and gets the point across when words can’t fill the gap. – $19.99



Inflatable Tentacle Arm – … just skipping into the reasons on this one, also keeping it PG. – $11.99

Reasons to buy:
1. You want the challenge of picking up items or opening your fridge with no hands
2. Playing tag always sucks because you’re 1ft shorter than everyone else, this evens the playing field.
3. You plan to glue them to your face and make a super red mustache


Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick – many have their own versions of keeping it classy, for a Star Wars fan, nothing says it as well as a Lightsaber Candlestick. Unfortunately the options are limited with only Darth Vader’s saber available and it coming in a single package unit. If you want 2 you’ll need to break open the wallet a little more. Either way it’s very cool and a unique way to put your own twist on an evening. – $29.99



Portal Weighted Companion Cube Plush – Portal has won hearts and frustration with gamers of all types, the companion cube was part of that epic story that people enjoyed. It’s one of those items you can buy anyone, guys and girls tend to have a special place for the inferno torched box that could. The only thing they could do to top it off would be to also throw in the cake. I don’t think we’ll be that lucky this year. – $29.99



Gummy Bear Light – Sweet sweet gummy bears, well at least one and it’ll double to keep your room lit at night. It’s a cute accessory to show you’re sweet  and loom as a reminder of it every time they need to light up their room or office or dorm. – $27.99

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