Warner Bros begins on Bleach Live Action Movie

Warner Bros begins on Bleach Live Action Movie

News broke out yesterday on this story, today we have some elaboration from Viz on the situation and the involvement around this project. Given the history of conversions from Anime to film it’s a worry for any fan to see something like this come up.

We have the current creative team lined up.

  • Peter Segal (GET SMART, THE LONGEST YARD), Callahan Filmworks – Producer, with an eye towards possibly directing
  • Dan Mazeau (CLASH OF THE TITANS), Callahan Filmworks – Screenwriter
  • Michael Ewing, Callhan Filmworks – Producer
  • Masi Oka (HEROES, HAWAII FIVE-0) – Producer
  • Jason Hoffs, VIZ Productions – Producer
  • Branon Coluccio, VIZ Productions – Executive Producer

There’s no word on what involvement Tite Kubo might have if any, one would hope they look to him for some direction so that it doesn’t completely blast the fans away by going the wrong direction.

I would love to be behind this prospect but I can’t help being skeptical on how this venture is going to turn out. Even in Japan they haven’t attempted a live action.

We’ll keep everyone posted as Viz turns out updates on the progress.

Image Credit: Faylin/Tachi

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