Bamfas deal of the week! 3/27/12

Bamfas deal of the week! 3/27/12

This week is a special deal. Normally we showcase a few jawsome offerings, but today, we only want one thing. In honor of our dear Captain Tight Pants himself, Nathan Fillion and his birthday, we have a single recommendation. It’s affordable and exclusive, two things that are not usually synonymous for collectors. I’m a deal on the wind!



Lego serenity!!!

As custom as it is amazing, this 78 piece lego set comes with detailed full color instructions. So if you don’t have your own Kaylee, you can still put it back together if you lose a primary buffer panel.  As of this posting, there are only a handful left. If you need one like we do, act very fast.

Deal details: $34.99 on []

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