Checked Out web series debut – Zelda Williams Project

Checked Out web series debut – Zelda Williams Project

It’s a wonderful time to be on the web, today a new series breaks through called Checked Out. The project currently consists of the following team.

  • Zelda Williams (daughter of Robin Williams)
  • Vicki Lewis (News Radio, How I Met Your Mother)
  • Arjun Gupta (Nurse Jackie)
  • David Greenman (Bones, Gilmore Girls, Weeds)

Episode 1 centers around Marissa and Jameson in the break room catching up on the latest drama in the store, Marissa’s hate for hunting down carts spammed around the parking lot and Jameson having a natural talent to avoid labor during shifts at all possible costs. As a debut episode it’s surprisingly well delivered with such a short running span of just 4:24, as a bait it gets personal enough to pull you right up as the credits kick in. Hopefully the momentum keeps up as it takes me back to a Clerks kind of vibe, likely inspired by the use of a market but it’s still enough to get a return visit.

Hopefully there’s a bit more exploration of Trader Jack’s and some highlight customers that we get to see, as a starter it’s hard to dump in a ton of active cast on something like this but expanding the world would help keep it out of just being pure break room gossip.

Catch episode 1 directly at DailyMotion or check it out in the embedded video below.

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