Flash Engineering brings the Saab 9-3 trackside

Flash Engineering brings the Saab 9-3 trackside

Just as Saab looks to exit the world, Flash Engineering is here with their new race prepped Saab 9-3 looking to battle it out in the Swedish Racing Elite League. The group will have some limited official backing from Saab Parts and battle it out with Volvo, Citroen and BMW along the way.


Honestly it’s a bit sad to se such an amazing machine enter in at the closure to Saab’s story, it looks brutal in every way and for me it brings a new impression on the brand as well. If you want to see more of the car, tune in if you can to the Swedish Touring Car races or catch them online and show your support as much as you can. For now the pictures released by Flash Engineering will have to hold everyone over.


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