Review – Forever Freshman and The Cunning Code Crackers of The Girl Network! #1

Review – Forever Freshman and The Cunning Code Crackers of The Girl Network! #1

Story By: Neil Segura & Ray Mendivil
Written By: Ray Mendivil
Art By: Neil Segura

This is the story of two kids, Neil and Ray, freshman trying to lean the ropes at their new school and get the new girl to notice them. Adolescence is tough enough as is, but add in dreaded hall monitors (equipped with attack dogs) and a new state of the art detention center, and well, you got yourself a party ladies and gentleman.

Neil and Ray are just trying to navigate the mean halls of high school, with a little help from their ragtag group of friends (Ramon is awesome). When they see Annie, the new girl in school, things start to get interesting. They are determined to talk to her but in typical boy fashion they have no understanding of how to do this. Ray believes the best way to get her attention is to ignore her and Ramon thinks they should hit up the girl network. The girl network had been around since the beginning of time, so their plan is to talk to the girls they know in order to learn about the girl they don’t. Sounds easy enough right? Well, it’s not. The first girl they talk to is Annabelle, a girl who’s obsessed with a teen book series called “Teen Mummy”(think something Twilightesque), the boys try to sweet talk her by telling her they to love this book series. The plan backfires though, Annabelle can talk nonstop about Teen Mummy and she does. Neil, Ray and Ramon can’t take her incessant talking and move on to the next unsuspecting girl. We are introduced to all different types of characters, a raver girl, the cheerleader, the brainiac and others. We see that Ray and Neil can talk to girls, it just ain’t always pretty. They get into a bunch of wacky scenarios along the way while trying to dodge the hall monitors and their rabid puppies. Will luck and some crazy happenstance help them? Do they succeed in talking to Annie and will their friendship withstand their adventure?

This comic was adorable. Created by friends forever Neil Segura and Ray Mendivil there is a little something for everyone to relate to and they do a good job of capturing the essence of what is important to kids in high school. The writing is good and I especially loved Ramon. He’s the somewhat dimwitted friend of Neil and Ray’s and provides unexpected bursts of comedy. The art is simple but does an excellent job of capturing everything that’s going on. This is a very family friendly comic that I think anyone of any age would enjoy reading. The back of the issue has some sketches that didn’t make it into the issue (which is always cool to see) as well as a how to guide for drawing the main characters. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a comic without a zombie or monster in it and I really enjoyed it! Issue #2 is coming soon and this issue is already available for order.

Link: Forever Freshman

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