Review – Orchid #5

Review – Orchid #5

Script: Tom Morello
Art: Scott Hepburn
Colors: Dan Jackson
Cover: Massimo Carnevale
Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot
Published By: Dark Horse

This issue of Orchid is all about journeys and those elements that make them successful both as a group and on an individual level. Orchid, Simon and Opal are on a mission to find Westin, an explosives expert and old friend of Opal and General China in Gath. No sooner do they enter Gath than Orchid finds trouble in the form of her old pimp and neither of them are happy to see one another. Orchid, showing a side of herself that we have never seen before, unsure, scared and kind of weak, becomes frozen. Cue Opal as she swoops in and does to Orchid’s pimp what should be done to all pimps. Opal really shows Orchid and Simon just how bad ass she really is and shows the reader that this woman is no joke! After searching for some time, our crew finds Westin but are dismayed when they find out he no longer works for the cause due to some losses, instead he only works for money. Believing all hope is lost, Opal has yet another trick up her sleeve and the freedom fighters are off to Fortress Penuel to rescue Simon’s comrade Anzio, who has been on his own journey as he has been captured and tortured for some time. This issue shows Orchid growing and developing a lot, she asks Opal for help as she wants to learn to be a fighter/killer like Opal. However, Opal teaches her something far greater than learning how to kill. Will they get to Anzio in time or will they be too late and find themselves facing yet another setback in their mission?

After a brief hiatus Orchid has come back better than ever. This issue is great and I love seeing the different sides of Orchid’s character developing and becoming much deeper. She shows vulnerability for the first time and I think the relationship developing between her and Opal will be an amazing one. Seeing the no holds barred Opal is also fantastic, she’s a kick ass women and unapologetic (as she should be) about it! Everything as usual is on point in this issue, the art is perfect, the dialog both inspiring and frustrating and the story wonderful. Tom Morello has done an outstanding job with this comic and really has something special here. If you’re not reading it yet, you really are missing out on something great!

Release Date: March 14th, 2012

Links: Preview | Pre-Order

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