Review – Xmas On TV: Act III: In Hiding

Review – Xmas On TV: Act III: In Hiding

Written By: Alejandro Pina
Pencils & Ink: Ignacio Di Meglio
Color: Norman Wong
Cover: Alex Licausi & Aya Niibo
Producer: Sandra Calvillo
Book Design: Alejandro Pina

Xmas On TV is a story about iZZ, a gremlin, who lives in the town of Tradition. The town has been overrun by an evil army of Demonic Santa TV’s who have enslaved and entranced the citizens of Tradition. It’s now up to iZZ and his crew, who range from the sharply dressed, loose cannon Frank to the mellow and ninja like Jesus (yes, that Jesus) to free the mind-controlled townspeople. The Demonic Santa TV’s have put everyone to work year round and have turned Tradition into a consumerism based metropolis. The group works together to start a revolution and try to enlighten the people to the idea that they are being used, abused and turned into mindless drones with only the thought of spending dancing in their heads. Will iZZ and his friends save the town and destroy the Demonic Santa TV’s?

Xmas On TV is awesome and very unique. From the cleaver remote control shape and cover design to the content inside. The comic begins with a brief and humorous guide to all of the characters followed by a story with, a big brother or big Santa is watching vibe, mixed with a cautionary tale of consumerism, greed and the potential power of collective conscience. There is no dialog, the story is told only by the art but the message comes through loud and clear. The artwork is fantastic as is the concept. The message is one that we need to think about more often and this is a great medium to explore it in. I can’t wait for the next installment, viva la revoluciĆ³n!

For more information Xmas On TV check out the homepage located here.

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