The Walking Dead Issue #95 hits retail today

The Walking Dead Issue #95 hits retail today

Okay so it already did hours ago but we do have a pretty… well actually it’s not very pretty at all but it’s a cover and Rick is really trying there not to let something really bad happen to him.  Check out the plot for more and then scramble down to your comic shop for a copy of the book, or if you’re up in Seattle for ECCC check out the booths there for #95 and tons of exclusives for the show this year!

I should note if you’re behind in the show and you absolutely don’t want spoilers, don’t read the plot below as even though the show and comic are taking different twists, there are just some things you can’t un-see especially with this series.

The plot courtesy of Image Comics:

Rick and his group are welcomed into a new community, led by a new charismatic leader.  Rick has experienced this before.  Is this the beginning of a new era of peace for Rick and the others… or is this man every bit as dangerous as The Governor?

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