Dale Keown Batman #9 variant cover emerges

Dale Keown Batman #9 variant cover emerges

Dale Keown cranks out the latest variant to Batman as he sets off against an army of Talons eager to destroy Gotham, there is a bit of an odd story to the cover though, DC didn’t exactly inform him what was going on in the story for that issue.

“What’s not to love about drawing the coolest character in comics?” the artist Dale Keown told THE SOURCE. “I wasn’t given any back story so I went with the action shot that would fit into just about any storyline. One of my go-to poses is to draw the character leaping out towards the reader. I hope I get to draw Batman again soon.”

Sometimes a cover doesn’t need to be dead on the topic of the story, sometimes it just needs to look badass, Keown gets it done in this cover with ease.

The crossover “Night of the Owls” that #9 will center around hasn’t kicked off just yet, it’s due to start with Batman #8 which arrives next week. Keep an eye on your local retailer or your mailbox so you can check out the new arc kicking off that will span across the franchise.

Link: DC Comics Blog


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