DC Comics adds two more to the digital pile

DC Comics adds two more to the digital pile

C2E2 announcements are already rolling out, DC hot on the release of
today is pushing out Batman Digital and Ame-Comi Girls, two new titles looking to expand the lineup to 5 unique franchises so you can get a new experience from the company each day of the week every week. DC Comics will offer new releases Monday through Friday for the following series in June, until then expect the current 3 to roll out and then Ame-Comi Girls to hit in May.

  • Monday – Ame-Comi Girls (May)
  • Tuesday – Batman: Arkham Unhinged
  • Wednesday – Beyond series (Justice League Beyond, Batman Beyond, Superman Beyond)
  • Thursday – Batman Digital (June)
  • Friday – Smallville Season 11

Info on Batman Digital:

BATMAN digital, launching in June, will take place outside of DC Comics – The New 52 continuity and feature a series of stand-alone stories by various creators that chronicle different cases handled by The Dark Knight. Confirmed creative teams include Damon Lindelof and Jeff Lemire; Jonathan Larsen and JG Jones; Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott; Ales Kot and Ryan Sook; B. Clay Moore and Ben Templesmith; Steve Niles and Trevor Hairsine; Joe Harris and Jason Masters; TJ Fixman and Christopher Mitten; Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman; Joshua Hale Fialkov and Phil Hester; David Tischman and Chris Sprouse; and many more!


Info on Ame-Comi Girls:

AME-COMI GIRLS, launching in May, is based on the best-selling product line from DC Collectibles that brings the distinct Japanese influence of anime and manga to DC Comics’ female heroines and their foes. In the new series, the heroines must unite to stop an invasion by the female Braniac, who is aided by a group of “bad girl” super villains. Initially, there will be five individual character arcs with multiple chapters, leading up to united, Ame-Comi girl series. All stories are written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with Wonder Woman art by Amanda Conner and Tony Akins, Batgirl art by Sanford Greene, Duela Dent art by Ted Naifeh, Power Girl art by Mike Bowden and Supergirl art by Santi Casas.

The goal is to bring unique content to fans across all mediums and this online focus should help cement their commitment to digital fans in this new era of comic collecting and reading. We’ll have to see how this pans out and if DC will aim on implementing any other franchises into the mix.

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