DC gives previews of Superboy #8 and Saucer Country #2

DC gives previews of Superboy #8 and Saucer Country #2

DC has some goodies for the fans today, first look previews of Superboy #8 and Saucer country are now available.

Superboy #8

The story acts as a prelude to the crossover that DC has been talking about for the past few conventions now, Teen Titans, Legion Lost and The Ravagers are all coming to a head in this new event. The book works to help tie all of these groups together before this new arc kicks off.


Saucer Country #2

Arcadia Alvarado is back, the Presidential hopeful telling tales of abduction is running full steam into issue #2 as staff and trusted friends get wind of the tale and the warning of a full invasion coming their way. Is this the best idea around? Probably not, but we’ll see how well her people can keep a secret and if this ultimately damages her future campaign plans.


Link: DC Comics Blog

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