Review – 3 Story: Secret Files of The Giant Man

Review – 3 Story: Secret Files of The Giant Man

Story & Art By: Matt Kindt
Published By: Dark Horse

This issue collects 3 Giant Man stories that were previously published in Myspace Dark Horse Presents. The first story is “The Secret Files of The Giant Man In Paris.” Set in 1965 as told to us by an ambulance driver recounting Craig’s (the Giant Man) visit to the City of Lights. The second story is “The Secret Files of The Giant Man In Egypt” where Craig enjoys all the attractions (as he becomes an attraction himself) the country has to offer and the third and final story is “Giant Man In The Philippines” where Craig visits during war-time.

Each story is short, simple and endearing. There is something about a man 3 stories tall, traveling the world experiencing everything from appendicitis to having the potential to end a war, that is beyond interesting. What’s really cool is that most of the stories are told by others while Craig is just the subject. The dialog is short but somehow descriptive and full of emotion in its simplicity. The art is great and captures the essence of everything and everyone perfectly. I really enjoyed these stories and look forward to enjoying other Giant Man tales!

Release Date: April 18th, 2011

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