Review – Prototype 2 #6 – The Labyrinth Part 2

Review – Prototype 2 #6 – The Labyrinth Part 2

Writer: Dan Jolley
Pencils: Victor Drujiniu
Inks: Jonas Trindade
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Letters: Michael Heisler
Cover: Victor Drujiniu, Jonas Trindade and Michael Atiyeh
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

On the move Sergeant Heller springs into action to get away from this testing complex, determined to see family again and to know freedom once more. He scrapes up the allies he can and makes a break for it with everything on the line. No mutant or enemy will stand in his way and with that energy we launch into the final book as Prototype 2 launches to retail tomorrow.

We learn a little more about Heller in Part 2 of this story, he’s a one man army when it comes to survival, his reaction speed is quick and his intensity allows him to stand up even in the worst odds, as a character he’s a warrior. As with any noble figure there’s the test in extreme cases like this, what lengths will he go to reach the outside and how far does his humanity go? As for the rest of the book, it’s short-lived and a quick whiplash moment that sweeps Heller around and leaves him unsure of what just happened.

The Labyrinth is a weaker closing story than one would anticipate for a series like this, while there is some action and development for Heller as a character, we’re left with a handful of moral compass choices and family memories. It wasn’t the high point of the 3 stories that hit, mainly because of the fast introduction and decisions made for the closure. It’s a transition leaving you to wonder the rest of the story that Prototype 2 will bring when it arrives but for those who have bought into this mini-series it might leave a bitter taste after these last issues.

[xrrgroup][xrr label=”Story:” rating=”2.5/5″ group=”s1″ ] [xrr label=”Art:” rating=”4/5″ group=”s1″] [xrr label=”Dialog:” rating=”2.5/5″ group=”s1″] [xrr label=”Overall:” rating=”3/5″ group=”s1″][/xrrgroup]

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