Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire talk Swamp Thing and Animal Man crossover

Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire talk Swamp Thing and Animal Man crossover

Marvel isn’t the only one launching crossovers in the market, today Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire sit down to talk about the upcoming Swamp Thing and Animal Man crossover. It’s a tough showdown but Pamela Mullin from DC is able to pull a lengthy interview with both of them. Check it out below for all the goods.

What are the top 3 things you need to know about SWAMP THING or ANIMAL MAN?

SS: Swamp Thing: he’s big, he’s green and he’s badass. Really though, what you need to know is that Dr. Alec Holland was born with a strange connection to the Green – the earth’s network of plant life. As for many people before him, this connection was a sign that he was destined to become the fabled protector of the Green, a powerful creature known as Swamp Thing. But with Alec, the connection was stronger than most, so strong the Green believed Alec might be destined to become the greatest Swamp Thing ever, a warrior-king Swamp Thing. Alec resisted this destiny for a long time, but now he has accepted it out of love for a woman named Abilgail Arcane, to save her from a death force called the Rot, and so Alec has been transformed into the Swamp Thing – a swamp thing more powerful than any that came before. Just like Buddy is Animal Man, the avatar of the Red, the network of all living creatures, Alec is Swamp Thing, the avatar of the Green. Both of them have an enemy in the Rot.

JL: Animal Man is a father and husband first and a “superhero” second. Any decisions he makes are with his family in mind. And in many ways the book is as much about the entire family as it is about Buddy Baker. His 4-year old daugther Maxine is the next Avatar of The Red, the lifeweb that connects all living things. Buddy is her protector, and stands in
her place until she is ready. Buddy can connect to any animal and take on their traits. In upcoming issues we’ll see these powers grow and evolve into something more.

What’s been your biggest challenge working on SWAMP THING or ANIMAL MAN with the knowledge that it will have ramifications in another title (s)?

SS: Honestly, the biggest challenge is simply keeping up with Jeff – his imaginative storytelling and amazing character work on A-Man have me in awe every month.

JL: I agree. Scott’s biggest challenge is keeping up with me. But seriously,
both Animal Man and Swampy have such a revered history that the
challenge is living up to what’s come before, while at the same time
doing something new and making the characters our own.

How often do you talk story?

SS: We talk all the time. Every couple days. We’re like high school girls, but we talk about rot-monsters with baby-heads and such.

JL: If you ask my wife, we talk way too much. But Scott’s my best friend and
we have so much fun talking about comics and coming up with these
stories it’s hard not to.

What’s been your favorite moment of each other’s book so far and what are you most excited for in the other’s book this summer?

SS: There are so many. I think the one I’ll name here though was the moment the Hunters came through into our world through the zoo animals. I knew it was coming from having spoken to Jeff, but it still terrified me.

JL: I love the scene where Abby and Alec lay down in the grass and her side
wilts and his grows all lush. A really brilliant poetic moment that said so much with so little.

I’m most excited for all the other DC universe characters that will be popping up in the crossover…fans are in for more than a few surprises. The scope of the story is much bigger than just Animal Man and Swamp Thing

Team red or team green? Why?

SS: Team Green of course. Swamp Thing forever!

JL: TEAM BROWN!! Go Rot, go!!!

Link: DC Comics Blog

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