Tim Seeley is back with Ex Sanguine this fall on Dark Horse

Tim Seeley is back with Ex Sanguine this fall on Dark Horse

Tim Seeley is in a bit of everything, from our recent experience with The Occultist it’s a good thing though, moving from Hack/Slash to The Occultist and The Guild to something new, a new horror and thriller story called Ex Sanguine. When talking with Dark Horse he had this to say about it.

“Ex Sanguine is my take on the vampire-romance genre, but instead of being full of longing and anguished staring, it’s full of brutal flirtations between two savage predators, one a vampire, one a serial killer,” said Tim Seeley.

We don’t know everything though, Seeley was only willing to reveal the name of Saul Adams as the vampire in the story, he’s a bit lost from this current world, lost in the history he’s tumbled through at day’s end, well until the feds motivate him for some more pressing issues. The serial killer Seeley created is a natural-born killer that hunts and thrives on the pursuit of victims in an endless battle, as one might imagine it might be easy to confuse a vampire with someone who also hunts his victims in a blood lust state.

Saul finds himself right in the middle of “The Sanguine Killings” he ignores the accusations flowing his way until he picks up on a trademark of this killer, a form of art or craft in the process of this bloodshed, as a result of it, those hours and weeks of remembering are put aside, a new shift in his life is here that intrigues him.

While this sounds great and tempting, it’s also something we’ll see at the end of this year, Ex Sanguine #1 is currently slated to arrive on November 28, 2012. One can only hope we get some teasers to make that wait a little easier to take.

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