Review – Alabaster: Wolves #2 of 5

Review – Alabaster: Wolves #2 of 5

Written By: Caitlìn R. Kiernan
Art and Letters By: Steve Lieber
Colors By: Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover By: Greg Ruth
Published By: Dark Horse

In this issue we find Dancy dealing with the aftermath of her knockdown, drag out werewolf fight. She’s not feeling too well thanks to the chunk the werewolf took out of her arm. Dancy is kind of losing it which may also be partially caused by the high fever and infection that’s a brewin’. She’s in and out of consciousness and to top it all off, that rude bird is back poking at her and stealing her chili. Dancy begins to realize that, without some help, she’s probably going to die so off she goes in search of a drugstore with the rude bird in tow. After finding the supplies she needs Dancy goes in search of a safe place where she can rest and hopefully heal but, in this world, that place doesn’t exist. Even though she’s not looking for it, she finds trouble and a battle ensues that really shows us how badass (even at half health) Dancy really is. But, will this fight be too much for her to take?

This comic is really something special. Everything from start to finish is amazing but I especially love the dialog. Dancy and the blackbirds back and forth dialog is so great and really entertaining. The art is also fabulous. I kept going back to check it out. The muted tones really do a great job setting the tone/mood of the comic. The story itself is really wonderful and really succeeds in keeping the reader engaged. If you haven’t yet, pick it up, you won’t be disappointed!

Release Date: May 9th, 2012

Links: Order | Digital | Preview

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