Review – Conan The Barbarian #4 – The Argos Deception Part 1

Review – Conan The Barbarian #4 – The Argos Deception Part 1

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: James Harren
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Massimo Carnevale
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Conan the Barbarian and Bêlit, Queen of the Black Coast, make a fearsome couple sailing the western ocean aboard the pirate vessel Tigress. But this is a life foreign to Conan, and he is still a young man, more used to the highlands of snow and rock than the tropical seas that Bêlit calls home. A reading of his future by the shaman N’Yaga suggests dark times ahead, but Bêlit is an irresistible force, a woman to whom Conan would readily devote his life.

Massimo Carnevale

The Argos Deception Part 1 starts with Conan still at sea with his new love Belit, and comfortable working alongside other crew members of the Tigress. One the day he sits and thinks about how his life has changed for the better since meeting his beloved Belit . As night falls upon the Argos border, N’Gora, Conan and Belit are talking about how trying to attack the port at the Messantia will be extremely difficult due to their past run ins with ship’s along that sea port. The conversation ends and a plan is laid out, Conan will act as a captured criminal since he’s wanted for his own past crimes, N’Gora will give him to Messantia guards and later on break him free as they rob the treasure of the city.

Next day Conan and company reach the Port of Messantia  in chains, as they get close to the dock’s they are met by three ships that have soldiers aboard, N’gora the proceeds to give Conan up for the bounty Messantia has put on his head. One of the guards tells N’Gora he remembers Conan killing his fellow soldiers, he threatens Conan and takes him to the dungeon. Visibly battered and bruised Conan is thrown in a dungeon until night falls, Conan again in chains starts to think, in a dream like state he envisions himself walking in the cold snow and begins to wonder to himself.  Did he make a  bad decision trusting Belit and N’Gora? Will they leave him there to die? More and more he starts to think maybe he’s losing his mind, as he continues to walk in the snow the ground gives in and he falls through some ice and into water which causes him to wake up. Just as it happens the door opens and a guard tells him he has a visitor who turns out to be Belit in disguise…

Final Thoughts: Conan The Barbarian : The Argos Deception looks to be more interesting than Queen Of The Black Coast storyline which I though was a let down especially the last 2 Issues. The Argos Deception continues Conan’s adventure with the Black Queen Belit and her crew, The Argos Deception part 1 focuses more on how Conan is slowly losing his warriors mentality since joining Belit’s crew, her influence has changed him to point where he depends on her heavily. Even putting his life in her hands in so many cases. Artist James Harren is the new artist for this issue and hopefully he will continue for the future as his artwork is reminiscent of the Road of Kings style which i think fits Conan perfectly. Overall I can say I’m curious to see how Wood is going to play this story out it has the potential of becoming a great read.

Links: Preview | Pre-Order
Release Date: May 16, 2012

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