New Reebok Spider-Man Themed Sneakers

New Reebok Spider-Man Themed Sneakers

Just recently Marvel announced a new line of exclusive sneakers from Reebok the Spider-Man themed sneakers The Night Storm HLS which was introduced in 2012 as a reinterpretation of the Night Sky Mid which features Graphlite shank and Hexalite in the heel making the shoe lighter, The Venom sneakers will have a 3D Screen print graphics on the underlys, bright white speed-lacing and outsole and the image of Venom emblazoned on the insole.

 Spider-Man who’s arguably the most iconic Marvel character ever will be feature on the Insta Pump Fury which was introduced in 1994 as the perfect running shoe at the time, It incorporated the three proven technologies as well – Graphlite, Hexalite and Pump all within an exoskeleton inflate that eliminates the need for laces, and with the added features of Spider-Man graphic and colorways this shoe should stand out more than the others.

Hopefully these exclusive sneakers will not cost an arm and leg, Parents and collectors should pickup a pair! looking at the screenshots of different graphic variations has me thinking about it..

 The Spider-Man themed sneakers which will be available in July for more info go to!

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