The Walking Dead Escape at Comic-Con 2012! Updated!

The Walking Dead Escape at Comic-Con 2012! Updated!

Walking Dead fans get ready for an experience like no other. If you have ever dreamed of being a zombie/walker (really?), a survivor in a zombie apocalypse (who hasn’t?) or you are just a little weird and have wanted to watch humans and zombies fight it out on the sidelines (me!), then this years San Diego Comic-Con is where you need to be. The Walking Dead Escape is going to offer fans the chance to dodge walkers through an obstacle course at Petco Park. If you sign up as a survivor before June 9th you can save some money. The tickets cost $70 right now until June 9th, $80 from June 10th – July 10th and if they are still available, $90 for walk ups. Update: If you just want to watch tickets are $15.  All the information on how to be a walker has been released and it is as follows:  Horde Walker half shift (2.5 hours) $39, Horde Walker full shift (4 hours) $39 (with a $20 credit 14 days after the event so it’s really $19).  Horde Master (lead your own horde) pay $39 now and if selected receive a $39 credit 14 days after the event.  If I’m reading this correctly that seems like free to me!  Horde Hero, this is the big daddy of the event, you get fully made up in zombie make-up, you can get your zombie on as long as you want and you get zombie training (I don’t know what this is, but I like the sound of it), this will cost $149.  As an added bonus, all make-up will be done by Greg Nicotero and KNB EFX! All walkers and survivors will receive an exclusive, special edition 100th issue of The Walking Dead and all spectators will receive an exclusive, special edition poster of the cover of the 100th issue! You don’t have to worry about fitting this into your busy Comic-Con schedule because it will take place over 3 days with a bunch of different times to accommodate everyone!

Order your tickets here!

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