Review – Axe Cop #1 of 3 “President Of The World”

Review – Axe Cop #1 of 3 “President Of The World”

Story: Malachai Nicolle
Pencils, Inks and Lettering: Ethan Nicolle
Colors: Dirk Erik Schulz
Published By: Dark Horse

Everyone’s favorite axe wielding, girl hating, talking gorilla fearing cop is back! Axe Cop is in an all new adventure taking over the world. Now President of the entire world, Axe Cop has to build a new “White House”, pick a new capital, make his political platform clear and most importantly make the gruesome consequences of not following said platforms rules. But wait there’s more, we are introduced to a man made of goo, we get to learn his back story and why he’s come to Axe Cop for help. If that wasn’t enough, he also meets a talking, super-powered gorilla who needs the unparalleled assistance of Axe Cop. Of course there is a bunch of stuff in between that I simply can’t describe here, it needs to be read first hand to be fully appreciated!

I love Axe Cop, every story is really something special. I love all the weird, crazy side characters and most importantly I love the stories. Axe Cop’s straight to the point storytelling is part of what makes it so great and this issue was awesome. Not only do you get a crazy story stemming from the 8-year-old mind of Malachai Nicolle but you get the amazing art of his older brother Ethan Nicolle. The best part of the art is that you inevitably find something that makes you do a double take or simply makes you blurt out a “WTF?” “President Of The World” is so entertaining and funny and at the same time the issue also manages to show us a softer side of the hard ass Axe Cop. Yes, he has feelings too. I don’t think I would vote for him but I would definitely read his comics!

Release Date: July 25th, 2012

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