Review – The Walking Dead #101 – Something to Fear

Review – The Walking Dead #101 – Something to Fear

Creator, Writer: Robert Kirkman
Pencils, Inks: Charlie Adlard
Letters: Rus Wooton
Editor: Sina Grace
Gray Tones, Cover Color: Cliff Rathburn
Cover Art: Charlie Adlard
Published by: Image Comics

Walking Dead #101 is here, I really don’t know how to open this given the ending we saw in 100. It was basically one of the highest selling books of 2012 and honestly it was also probably one of the most brutal  events in a comic at the same time. If you’ve been skirting around reading the issues and just getting by on reviews I can’t really stress how hard of a hit 100 is and that if you’re interested just get it and take it in.

That said, 101 is here,  everyone is pissed, Maggie, Carl, Sophia. There’s no way to get past what happened to Glenn and how absolutely screwed they all were the minute Negan’s men showed up to surround them. Given the ammo shortage and everything else going on and the kids in the van, it was impossible to even attempt a last stand in such a case. Now comes mourning, continued rage and of course revenge. The group makes the last leg of their original journey ensure Maggie and Sophia make it safe in their trip. The rest of the concerns fall to the wayside though and it’s an emotional punch for all of them, even Carl.

All isn’t lost in 101, while the group is mentally beaten at this point, they’re still in the fight and a recent  capture makes the possibility of their survival that much stronger. When they said it was a whole new world they forgot to take into account the issue of new threats and greater foes, it’s doubtful that Rick will make the same mistake twice after this incident. The series got violent but it’s about to get much uglier as they buckle down for some large confrontations between Negan and the camps. If only they could also tackle that small issue of ammunition, given they only have a week to prep their shipment for Negan they really don’t have that much time available to them for any new plans.

Compared to 100, The Walking Dead #101 is a shorter trip but the possibilities seem endless for how this battle is going to go forward. Kirkman takes the speed of the issue to a slower pace to let people catch up with the recent trauma while setting the groundwork for the next battle, Adlard continues to deliver on emotion and gestures and as a whole it’s a well-rounded issue that tries to address the immediate fallout that strikes Rick’s group.

Release Date: August 15, 2012

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