Review – Spider-Men #5 – ” Guess This Is Goodbye Huh!”

Review – Spider-Men #5 – ” Guess This Is Goodbye Huh!”

Jim Cheung Cover

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Sara Pichelli
Cover by: Jim Cheung
Variant Cover by: Travis Charest, Sara Pichellis,

This Issue concludes the meeting between Spider-Man (616) Peter Parker and Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, While the story isn’t as climatic as it should have been it’s still a very good and entertaining for a mini-series writer Brian Michael Bendis humor and wit, most noticeably in scenes with Miles and Peter or Ultimate Iron Man and Nick Fury. Bendis nails each of these characters, Both Iron Man and Nick Fury’s sense of humor resemble its movie counter-part.

Spider-men #5 consists of a hysterical Mysterio being overwhelmed by the likes of both spidey’s and The Avengers, in a last ditch effort he drops some kind of chemical agent that causes hallucination, but that’s quickly put to rest by Miles who lands a couple of kicks to Mysterio and from there Fury and the others coming up with a perfect solution to deal with the villain, one a few emotional sense come when Peter and Miles say goodbye to one another , as the portal closes Peter shoots Miles a little words of wisdom but is interrupted when the portal finally closes on him, the interesting part is Peter is telling Miles something very important but couldn’t finish. The issue and series ends on a interesting note when Peter Parker back in 616 timeline checks to see if there’s a Miles Morales in his time.

If Marvel is smart they should keep Sara Pichelli around for more projects her work is dam near perfect in every issue, one of her strong points to me is her action sequences she nails all the body positions and facial expressions in every panel, Pichelli also blends 616 and Ultimate elements together smoothly throughout the 5 issues, you can say I’m so what of a fanboy to Sara Pichelli, and your probably right, but you can’t say the girl doesn’t have skill when it comes to the pen.

With the crossover ending the way it did I wouldn’t bee surpised if they continue the storyline in the near future, while it may not be a classic Spidey story arc Spider-Men #1-5 is an enjoyable series and has its moments, because it is written so well I think Marvel has something here in terms of long haul I can see Miles as Peters side kick in the 616 universe or Peter making appearances in the Ultimate universe.

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