Microsoft Xbox Live 10th Anniversary Special Consoles

Microsoft Xbox Live 10th Anniversary Special Consoles

Long time Xbox live members will be reward with new special design consoles. Xbox live’s Major Nelson announced the news on Twitter, “Microsoft is surprising some of the Xbox Live members that have been with us the longest.” those members will be send a special limited edition console featuring 10 year anniversary imagery.

A Microsoft spokesperson explained to IGN that “we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Xbox Live by conducting special promotions for our members worldwide and today we began to surprise a select number of our loyal 10 year Xbox Live members in the U.S. with special edition anniversary consoles. These consoles were created for a special promotion and will not be available at retail locations

The console will feature a special “Xbox Live: A Decade of Entertainment” logo that includes the original Xbox,Kinect, and Vision camera images from Xbox’s history.In Addition, the disc drive will say “XBL 10” instead of the usual Xbox 360.

So far It’s  been unclear how many systems will be manufactured and what the specific qualifications are to earn one, but hopefully Microsoft will release more if any additional info in the near future.

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