Review – Hellboy – Hellboy in Hell #2 ” In Pandemonium A Throne Awaits For Its King”

Review – Hellboy – Hellboy in Hell #2 ” In Pandemonium A Throne Awaits For Its King”


Mike Mignola Cover

Story: Mike Mignola
Art: Mike Mignola
Colors: Dave Stewart
Cover Art: Mike Mignola
Published by: Dark Horse Comic

After falling deeper into the heart of hell to a place called Pandemonium which is the oringinal home world of Hellboy form there the issue opens up more as Sir Eric exlpain’s to him that his presents there has caused the princes and minsters of hell to fleed in fear of has return, thinking he would come to claim his throne, As they countiue through Pandemonium they reach a citadel and behind it the throne and crown of Hellboy’s father which now is rightful his to claim,But hellboy respectful declines saying he doesnt want any of it.

As they make it to the end of the citadel Sir Eric zaps Hellboy to another part of pandemonuim but this time he is greeted by another who shows him The River Cocytus which is the place things form earth fall down too, in that river are fish which turn out to be souls wanting to be judge by The fisher of Souls who is said to have build Pandemonium with his own hands, as they watch the fisher work smashing away on a human like figure a curious hellboy asks what he is making to which the guide anwsers saying “The great Army of Hell, your Army”. Once again Hellboy makes it clear he wants no part of the throne, But to him dismay he is taken to his place of  birth and shown though telepathy other importing events….

Final thoughts: Like issue #1 Writer Mike Mignola keeps it simple and straight foward once again giving us a glimpse of Hellboys linage reveiling some secrets the Right Hand of Doom may have. What I like most about Mignola is that he understands the significance of story development and pacing for character as well diverse as Hellboy something I find refreshing. Not alot is going on in this issue as far as action but the main story more then makes up for that, while I’m a big hellboy fan I’am however a fan of quality well written comics and this is turning out to be one of those

Release Date: January 02, 2013

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