Review – The Untold Tales of Dog Mendonça and Pizza Boy One-Shot

Review – The Untold Tales of Dog Mendonça and Pizza Boy One-Shot

Story: Filipe Melo
Art: Juan Cavia
Colors: Santiago Villa
Translation: Raylene Lowe
Letters: Pedro Smedo
Adaption: João Pombeiro and Martin Tejada
Published By: Dark Horse

The stories from Dark Horse Presents are all collected here in one handy-dandy one-shot. The story begins with an introduction to the characters. First up, Pazuul, a 6,000 year old smoking, mute demon, who resembles a cute little girl, next is Eurico a.k.a. Pizza Boy, an intern and Dog’s whipping boy and finally Dog, a humble man who calmly tells us he saved the world…twice. Into the story we go. Flashback to 1898 where we get the origin story of Dog himself, which is a tragic tale of death, misfortune and werewolves! In a story that takes place in a brutal disgusting Nazi concentration camp that has been set up for misfits and “monsters”, the story manages to stay both riveting and goofy, which is not an easy feat with this kind of material. The issue is full of Dog recalling stories from his past which are all awesome and far beyond entertaining!

I had never heard of Dog Mendonça before but I after reading this issue I am a fan. The stories are very sad at times with Dog and Pizza Boy breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the reader at times. Their promotions of a fictional product and “selling” panels within the comic to make money added a much needed burst of levity. The dialog is excellent, it manages to hit an array of emotions sometimes running the gammit on a single page. Juan Cavias’ art is out of this world, Pazuul’s looks of boredom, irritation and lack of interest are captured expertly. I can not wait to search out more of this series and I suggest you do the same!

Release Date: October 24th, 2012

Links: Preview | Order (Digital) | Order (Print)

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