Ubisoft Wasn’t to Re-Connect with PC gamers

Ubisoft Wasn’t to Re-Connect with PC gamers


Ubisoft has just recently updated  their Uplay Store catalogue which now features  third-party Publishers, The plan next for them is to compete in the digital market of gaming, publishers understand that in order to be successful in the Pc gaming community they need to improve its perception PC gamers have of them.

Uplay director, Stephanie Perotti has said Uplay and all its partners are committed to the PC community saying “We are always seeking to improve. We took a lot of that feedback on board. With every game on PC we are improving. Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed III on PC were very high quality.”

I’m not surprised by this move of Ubisoft with nex-Gen consoles basically becoming mini Pc machines, publishers won’t have the constraints that now gen consoles have when porting PC games to console, this may lead to actually something big down the road, maybe online multiplayer?

It’s still good to see and know Ubisoft is not jumping the nex-gen console ban wagon as of yet, and still have the Pc gaming community in mind.

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