Review – Conan The Barbarian – The Nightmare Of The Shallows Part 2

Review – Conan The Barbarian – The Nightmare Of The Shallows Part 2


Cover by Massimo Carnevale

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Davide Gianfelice
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Massimo Carnevale
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

The Nightmare Of The Shallows Part 2 continues the psychodelusional head trip outside of time and body, With Conan and Belit still under the effects of the Yellow Lotus writer Brian Wood dives deeper into the mind of not only Conan but also Belit. Throughout this issue Wood bounces back and forth between the two as they struggle with their personal fears and doubts, for Belit we see that she is afraid that her influence has turned Conan into heartless warrior who would kill anything and anyone in order to show his devotion to her, she also fears what Conan would do are think if she was to bare a child.

As for Conan’s struggles its focus on his love for Belit, and how it has driven him to almost borderline obsession, he fears his love Belit is not enough to keeper her by his side and that one day she may leave him which could turn his life upside down, with Belit around Conan feels as is his life has meaning with her so he fights to keep that love even if it means death.

One the things I like must about this story arc is the fact both characters have the same doubts and fears, Woods does a excellent elaborating each characters inner turmoil, as a reader you feel sorry for Conan and Belit’s situation for simple fact that it can easily be avoided. Both are so proud and independent that they rather keep to themselves instead of telling one another how they feel. This Arc is turing to one of my favorites for that simple reason, Brian wood is on roll so far and I’ll continue to follow this arc!

The art quality is just as good as the writing; Davide Gianfelice Illustrations on each panel is consistent all throughout this issue, like I said in the beginning about Wood’s writing make easy to followirts in fact Gianfelice art is really the reason.

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Release Date:  June 19, 2013

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