Review – King Conan: Hour Of The Dragon Part 3

Review – King Conan: Hour Of The Dragon Part 3

Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Tomas Giorello
Colorist: Jose Villarrubia
Cover Artist: Gerald Parel
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

After reading the latest issue of King Conan: The Hour of the Dragon part 3 three words came into mind, Violence, Infatuation, and betrayal. The beginning of the issue starts off with violence; we see Conan fighting for his life against a Grey-Ape of the Forest of Vilayet Sea, with the help of Zenboia. Conan was able to defeat the Grey-Ape. The fight between Conan and the Grey-Ape is a barbaric one, you can see the blood-lust in both of their eyes as the jump for each other’s throat’s; this was well depicted by Tomas Giorello.

After their encounter with the Grey-Ape, Conan and Zenboia continue to escape the dungeon; meanwhile we see Tarascus and his followers are conspiring against the wizard Xaltotun. During that time Conan and Zenboia are seen listening to Tarascus as he explains his plan of taking control of the wizard.


With Taracus in his sights and filled with anger for what has happened to him and his kingdom Conan leaps in for the kill despite Zenboia’s warning. And again he finds himself in another violent battle only this time it’s against one of Tarascus guardsman.

After missing his chance of killing Taracus, Conan and Zenboia finally escape; But Zenboia alters the plan and insists on staying in order for Conan to escape, her devotion to keep him safe somewhat baffles Conan, to the point he promises to comeback for her as soon as he can. The issue ends with Conan sneaking his way to the Fountain of Thrallos a place Zenboia promised him a horse for his escape, That plan almost fails when the guardsman he fought earlier is there waiting for him, But this time around Conan easily defeats the guardsman and rides off.

Final thoughts: The thing that stood out me in this issue is Zenboia’s infatuation/devotion to a man she doesn’t know is somewhat bizarre, it reminds me of Lord of the Rings Éowyn relationship with Aragorn, where she was attracted to Aragorn’s heroism. The difference between Zenboia and Eowyn is that one displays more love while the other displays more devotion.

In the end the relationship between Conan and Zenboia is what keeps me hooked, I want to see how that relationship falls apart, and how it effects Truman’s version of Conan.

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Release Date: July 31, 2013

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  • taranaich
    July 31, 2013

    “The thing that stood out me in this issue is Zenboia’s infatuation/devotion to a man she doesn’t know is somewhat bizarre”

    Why wouldn’t Zenobia know Conan? He’s king of Aquilonia! She’s probably heard all the legends and tales filtered throughout the Hyborian Age and become infatuated with the man.

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