Review – Conan The Barbarian: Black Stones Part 1

Review – Conan The Barbarian: Black Stones Part 1


Massimo Carnevale

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Paul Azaceta
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Massimo Carnevale
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

As of late Brain woods has been on a roll, with arcs like, Border fury, Nightmare of the shallows, Argos Deception and Queen of the Black Coast all being quality arcs, It’s we can assume  Conan the Barbarian: Black Stones is going to be another great arc.

Conan The Barbarian: Black Stones takes place after the events of The Nightmare of The Shallows, Conan and Belit are seen walking through a rainy Forest, they quickly notice they are being followed and prepare to defend themselves against incoming enemies. The scene changes and we now see Conan and Belit aboard the Tigress and sailing the seas of western ocean two weeks for beforehand,  Conan and company jump aboard  a nearby ship and start to take out is crew and captain, with most of ship’s crew and captain all meeting there demises Belit and Conan come across a scroll, but before they can enjoy their victory an old man informs them that the ship has been blessed and is protected by the Black Stones. Conan laughs off the warming.

Next we see a present scene of Conan and Belit racing through the forest and come across a gloomy looking village that looks un-inhabited, the two then walk into a tavern looking for food an Ale, Conan then sits next to alittle boy at the bar, he then pays the kid to stable the horses and oil the saddles for the morning. An unknown man then comes up to Conan and asks if Belit is for sale, Conan plays along and begins to negotiate with the man, who offers five silver coins for Belit, Conan then counter offers the stranger a gold coin and asks for information on the village. The stranger tells him that the village in cursed by the black stones, and that lifestock, woman and children are most affected by it.

After getting the info they wanted Conan and Belit call it night, but not before the stranger again propositions Conan for Belit, who then angrily stabs the man in the hand which officially ends the night.

In the morning Conan and Belit come across the dead body of the man who had given them the information about the village, they then walk into a church and find a priest and the young boy who Conan had paid to stable the horses standing together. Conan the presents the scroll they had taken for the ship earlier, Seconds later a masked man jumps Belit from behind and threatens to take her life, the masked man tells him Belit should be punished and therefore be sacrificed.  Knowing they have been betrayed Conan asks for the person who has given them up, to his surprise he finds out that it was the boy who had betrayed them.

With his sword at Belit face the masked man asks for the scroll which turns out to be a Relic, In a flash Conan attacks the man and his followers in violent fashion. With only the priest left Conan approaches him and asks what he knows about the Black Stones, the priest who is terrified states that because Conan has the relic “They will damn you and one hundred generations of your offspring, just for touching it!”.

Seeing that getting information is useless they start to walk away from him, the priest then gets up and pulls out a dagger and yells out “in the shadows of the black stones” and then cuts his own throat. Stunned by the priests actions and knowing what trouble my follow the two agree to leave the village and camp out in the forest for the night.

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