Review – Conan The Barbarian: Black Stones Part 2

Review – Conan The Barbarian: Black Stones Part 2

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Paul Azaceta
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Massimo Carnevale
Published by: Dark Horse Comics


Massimo Carnevale Cover

Black stones Part 2, gets more in-depth when it comes to the Black stones, along with how important they are to everyone else. In the last issue Conan and Belit enter a unknown village and caused alittle trouble to say the least, after escaping the two take refuge in the Forset of Ghouls for the night. Alone the two cuddle around a fire and Conan shares one of his child hood stories at her request, He tells her a story about a boy who was lost in a snow blizzard and was found frozen by his huntsman father, Belit comments on how horrible the story was, Conan tells her that it kept all the children form wondering off at night.

The morning comes at it seems as if Conan and Belit have been found by a savage tribe called Heretics, But seems Conan and Belit have anticipated this and set up a trap. Hiding in the trees the two start to throw giant size rocks at the savages  which quickly takes them out, at the same time another tribe of savages overhears the yelling of the Heretics and rush in thinking some of their fellow tribesman where being attacked. Still atop the trees Conan and Belit jump down and take out the other set of savages, the interesting thing about this part is that this group of savages seems to know that the scroll Conan is holding is a relic.

After taking out the two sets of men, they find themselves once again on the run under heavy arrow fire. With the enemy close by Conan gives Belit the relic and the two split up, Conan leads the men away form Belit before falling form his horse and knocking himself out. Belit on the other hand has a group men pulling at her as she tries to escape, one of them successfully pulls Belit form her horse and she falls into a lake, under water Belit unwraps the scroll/relic and a massive bright light expands knocking everyone out.

Next we see the little boy form the first issue running into a church, inside we see a priestess is there and he tells her that the relic has been used, the Priestess informs the boy that whoever has open the relic, will have a cursed bloodline. The issue ends with Belit entering the church.

Final thoughts: This issue is of the best issue I’ve read so far, Brian Woods covers all aspects need in order to make a great issue, filled with action, mystery, and other things of value. Black Stones pert 2 introduces a new antagonist, While Woods doesn’t elaborate too much on her in the few panels she was in, we do however get a glimpse of her personality, along with her obsession with the Blacks Stones. For example in the last panel we see her talking to the boy about the relic, we see her face expression which is normal, But then she leans over his shoulder and with a sinister face that would  make the joke even freak out, asks if he knows where the relic is. Her obsession with the relic is similar to Gollum’s of Lord of the Rings, where Gollum calls the ring his precious; she calls the relic her beloved.

So far this arc is looking very strong, Brian Woods is knocking this outta the park.

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Release Date:  September 18, 2013

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