Review: Conan & Red Sonja – The Age of Adventure Part 2

Review: Conan & Red Sonja – The Age of Adventure Part 2


Dan Panosian Cover

Writer:Gail Simone, Jim Zub
Artist:Dan Panosian
Cover Artist:Dan Panosian
Published by: Darkhorse Comics

It’s been some time since Conan and Red Sonja’s encounter, and things have change, Conan is now back at sea with Belit, as they sail they come across a neighboring ship passing by, On that ship is Red Sonja and Annisia who think the Tigress is a Slaver Ship and as the twos hip past one another Sonja and company jump aboard the Tigress. Conan and Belit spring into action, with Conan facing Annisia and Belit facing off against Red Sonja, the skirmish doesn’t last long with Conan and Sonja both getting up hand on each other’s opponent. Once Conan realizes that its Sonja he lays down his sword and the four of them decide to catch up, Conan tells Belit about the time he and Sonja met and Sonja tells Conan about how she and Annisia became friends she then goes on to tell him about the oath she made to kill all slavers.

Later that night Conan and company are awaken by a crewman who shows them an island that is covered in Red Veins, the four of them jump on small boats and enter the island. They soon notice that the veins are Bloodroot and it has completely covered the island, the Bloodroot has infected everything even the wild life. After noticing a trail of Bloodroot they follow it to a temple, inside the temple sits the Sorcerer Thoth-Amon who informs them of his plan of unleashing Bloodroot on all the kingdoms, a fight assumes with Conan and company attacking the sorcerer and driving him back, Thoth-Amon then teleports away before he’s seriously injured, but not before promising his revenge against them.

The issue ends with a wounded Thoth-Amon carrying the last single Bloodroot as he walks in an unknown snowy environment.

Final thoughts: While Age of adventure is good issue it does have its flaws, one them being the pacing, Age of Adventure is extremely fasted paced I mean really fast, the other flaw is the fight between them and Thoth-Amon, the way they defeat him was a little too easy to say he’s supposed to be this powerful sorcerer. On plus side again the interaction between Conan and Red Sonja is brilliantly display, at one point Conan and Red Sonja are talking but are insulting each other at the same time as if they’ve been friends forever, Conan in front of Belit confesses that he was surprise how he didn’t end up in her bed because of her beauty, Belit’s reaction to the two of them was clear she was jealous, but not of Red Sonja but of the bond the two have in the short time they’ve known one another it’s reminiscent to her and Conan’s bond.

Although this is a left to be desired type of issue it’s still filled with action which in all honesty is what a Conan and Red Sonja Comic is all about at the end of the day.


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