Review – Conan & Red Sonja -The age of innocence Part 1

Review – Conan & Red Sonja -The age of innocence Part 1

Writer:Gail Simone, Jim Zub
Artist:Dan Panosian
Cover Artist:Dan Panosian
Published by: Darkhorse Comics25321

I’ve always been a fan of the epic fantasy genre of comics so when dark announced that they would be teaming Conan and Red Sonja in a series I knew good things were in store, Conan had an unbelievable run in 2014 and Red Sonja has recently jumped into the scene, so teaming the two would only help each other.

Gail Simone and Jim Zub’s, Conan & Red Sonja is nothing short of entertaining, Simone and Zub set the tone right away with its action and fast pacing. In issue #1 Sonja is paid to steal a jewel for a fee, so disguise as a common peasant girl she seduces and tricks a wealth gentle into helping her find the place the jewel is located, next panel the perspective changes and now we see Conan at the entrance of what looks like a secret room, he then proceeds to takes out two guards and walks in only to see Red Sonja sword in hand and at the throat of the Prince, after a brief verbal spat which ended with prince dead the two leave before the guards arrive. With jewel box in hand they set up for the night and everything seems okay until Red Sonja tries to steal the box while Conan sleeps and once again a fight breaks out between the two, the fight ends with both of them agreeing to open the box.

Once the box is open they find out that there isn’t a jewel but instead plant seeds, confused and angry that they have been deceived, they again go at it again verbally, at that moment a mysterious man appears. The man is known as Manus both Conan and Red Sonja were hired by him, he informs them that seeds are called Bloodroot and it will help his master take down any kingdom. Knowing that such a weapon is to dangerous Conan and Red Sonja take the Bloodroots from Manus kill him and drop the roots in a fire.

After it’s all said and done Conan asks Red Sonja to join him on his journey but she refuses saying she will travel alone on her own path.

Final thoughts: This was a very entertaining 1st issue, I especially enjoyed the interaction between Conan and Sonja, and you can tell Conan is drawn to her strength as a warrior more so then his beloved Belit, in there duel Conan praises her skills and strength, he even asks her to join his side not as lover but as warrior, If you’re a fan of epic fantasy genre I suggest following this series and if your fan you won’t be disappointed

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