Review – The Witcher: Fox Children #1

Review – The Witcher: Fox Children #1

  • Writer: Paul Torbin25914
  •  Artist: Joe Querio
  • Cover Artist: Joe Querio
  • Published by: Darkhorse Comics

Geralt’s journey leads him aboard a ship but some passengers are more dangerous than others, and one hides a hideous secret!

THE WITCHER: FOX CHILDREN #1 fellows Geralt and his traveling Dwarf companion Addario Bach as they make their way to Novigrad, but the journey becomes a bit more adventurous than expected, when they encounter a ship of criminals lead by Javil Fysh who asks for his help, Javil Fysh then tells him a lie about freeing a child but in actuality they want protection from the Vulpess (race of fox like creatures who can change into beautiful women) after they have taken one of them captive, Geralt warns them to give the young Vulpess back because the danger that will come from it, but Javil Fysh and the others ignore his warning and I fight breaks out because of it, finally Geralt is taking to were the girl is kept inside the ship, but when they open the door they see that the girl has been murdered by Parlaghy for trying to escape, an upset Javul Fysh angrily yells at Parlaghy for killing the Vulpess while Addario states that things have turn for the worst.

Final Thoughts: For the most part Fox Children didn’t really grab my attention, the dialog between characters felt blend, even when sarcasm and comedy were involved, hopefully as the story continues the writing will get better. As for the art, I found it to be tolerable it’s neither bad nor good.

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