King Conan : Wolves Beyond The Border Part 1 of 4

King Conan : Wolves Beyond The Border Part 1 of 4

Writer:Timothy Truman

Artist:Tomas Giorello

Colorist:Jose Villarrubia

Cover Artist:Tomas Giorello

Published by: Dark horse Comics27956

For me the most enjoyable comic series has been the King Conan series by Timothy Truman, Conan is a well establish king now and spends most of his time reminiscing and telling his tales to a scribe, while the stories of King Conan are simplistic and straight forward at its core, it’s still very enjoyable due to the fact of Truman’s writing, The Wolves Beyond The Border focuses on the Pictish Crown a treasure that has mysterious power. When Conan is approached by Gault a Ranger who has fought with Conan in the pass, tells him of a battle he and his fellow comrades’ encounter Valerian and Kwarada and other leaders form the Pict’s great tribes, a fire breaks out and takes everyone out, but Gault escapes with the Crown of Pictish’s. He continues to tell him how the crown’s power was driving him crazy so he decided to get rid of it by taking it to Conan.

Excited by the story Gault has told him Conan takes the crown with curiosity begins to examine it, a stone on the crown starts to glow and a voice starts to talk to Conan, it tells him of a story of two bloodlines  one being the founding father of the Cimmerian’s were allies. When the king of Valusia Kull hands the stone to his pictish ally the Spear-Slayer Brule, A great cataclysm happens and both bloodlines almost becomes extinct, within the stone a crow is flying towards Conan as he is visually shown, the crow transforms into a female warrior who challenges Conan to come find the truth of the stones history.

Conclusion: As expected of most King Conan issues the pacing is fast, Truman doesn’t reveal a lot despite the pacing. As setup chapter Wolves beyond the border part 1 isn’t a action heavy, instead it hooks you with a very interesting cliff hanger.

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Release Date: December 23, 2015

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