Review: Old Man Logan #1 (2015)

Review: Old Man Logan #1 (2015)

  • Writer: Jeff Lemire
  • Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
  • Cover:  Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Maiolo
  • Published by: Marvel Comics
OML #1

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Jeff Lemire’s Old man Logan tells the tale of when super villains banning together and taking out most of the heroes, and with no X-Men and The Avengers to protect the world, things have become a bit darker.

[spoiler show=”Story Spoilers” hide=”Story Spoilers”]The story starts off with Wolverine waking up in an alley in Times Square, Logan runs into Spider-Man but does’t have clue who he is showing symptoms of amnesia, he then bumps into two cops who question him, this causes Logan to snap and he breaks an officer’s arm’s, the other cop tases him witch so happens jolts his memory back, logan realizes that he’s travel back in time, He comes to the conclusion that maybe he’s here to change the future and so he begins to look for the people responsible.

We jump to a flashback of Logan and his son Scotty riding through the wasteland to a villain name the Butcher market for parts, the market is actually located at an S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier crash site.  Logan and Scotty are confronted by Butcher and some of his men, they try to bait him into a fight by slapping his son in the face but Logan doesn’t retaliate he and Logan just leave. Scott asks him why didn’t he do anything and Logan tells him the world is not as hero friendly as in the past, and that one has to pick the right time to fight back.

Back in the present time Logan starts his mission to stop the villains from taking over, he writes a list of names of his arm, and one the names is Butcher, Logan finds him in bar and attacks him but Butcher so how knew Logan was coming and gets the jump on him first, But the sadness and anger drives Logan to overtake Butcher and strikes him down cutting his arm off in the process,  after savagely taking down Butcher, Logan now understands that was sent here to change things and we finally see the names on his arm, Butcher who he crosses out, Bruce Banner, Mysterio and Red Skull are the next targets on his list, with Banner being next.—————————[/spoiler]

What i find interesting about Old Man Logan is world it’s self, there seems to be factions of sort all over the world, reminds me of Borderlands but with Marvel characters. The premise of the story doesn’t really intrigue me as of right now but i get a feel it will later on, but for right now I want to know more about the world and the heroes that live in it. The artwork is more of a sketchy type of style with alot of heavy shading, not my cup of tea i’m more fan of the style Sara Pichelli brings, now i’m not saying its bad just not for me, with that said its not hard depicting whats going on in each panel.

As a first issue it does its job laying the foundation of whats to come in the future and i’m waiting to see if Lemire gives us more charceter and world building in the future.

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