Review – Spider-man/Deadpool #2 (2016)

Review – Spider-man/Deadpool #2 (2016)

Writer: Joe Kelly
Artist: Ed McGuinness
Cover Arist: Ed McGuinness
Published by: Marvel Comics your boss Peter Parker an evil genius or just an evil villain? Mostly that last one

D&S #2

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Someone wants Peter Parker dead and they hired the merc with the mouth to do it, While Deadpool is willing to take out Parker, he doesn’t wanted to do it without having a legitimate reason. Whoever is behind this contract on Peter Parker’s head has a serious beef with him, the evidence they have sent to Deadpool was enough for him to accept the job, but Deadpool is not as gun hoe now as he was in the past, and so he confronts Spider-man not knowing that their one in the same, Deadpool asks for his help.
Peter Parker on the other hand is still getting used to being a CEO and the press that comes along with it, his company presents their newest tech that has something to do with biorhythmic monitoring, After the presentation Parker hits the streets city and comes across Deadpool and Spider-Man (Morales) having it out about who’s the real Spider-Man, Peter interrupts and the three of them have it out, but out of nowhere the Goblin Nation attacks and the Spider-Men assume Deapool is in league with them, in actuality Green Goblin is not attacking them, it seems while they were fighting someone or something hit them with an unknown toxin. Deadpool finally gets them to settle down and the three of them figure out, someone has hacked the webware network connected to his biometric interface and reverse the process, usually the device compiles information for the user, now it was used to project information into the user’s brain.

At one of the labs of Parker industries it appears Mysterio is behind the hack, his plan is to have the people turn on Parker, and just as he’s about to finish his monologue speech Deadpool and company crash in and like deadpool fashion runs over Mysterio. Deadpool surprises everyone when he does CPR on unmasked Quentin Beck.

When it’s all done the two part ways and Deadpool continues to investigate the Lab, he walks into a run and sees a bunch doctors experimenting on arm and leg less people, they first mistake him for Parker, but so quickly realized that it’s Deadpool. Feeling deceived Deadpool attacks everyone in the room, He then calls a man called Patient Zero and informs him that he’s all in on taking down Peter Parker.

Conclusion: Surprisingly this arc isn’t as comedic I anticipated it to be but it still has its moments, while Deadpool isn’t the wisecracking psycho he normally would be, I like that fact he has a more serious side. When Spider-Man (Parker) and Deadpool are tracking the signal of the hacker, peter tries to apologies but Deadpool doesn’t really accept it, instead he just gives him a “whatever” and they keep tracking the signals location, Again for me I like that about this version of Deadpool. The reveal of Deadpools employer was nice surprise, makes me wonder how he’s going to react in the upcoming issues when he finds Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same.

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