Review – Deadpool (2016) #17 : No more Mercs For Money!!

Review – Deadpool (2016) #17 : No more Mercs For Money!!

  • Writer: Gerry Duggan
  • Artist: Mike Hawthorne
  • Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
  • Cover Artist: Rafarl Albuquerque & Dave McCaig

DP #17

The partnership between Deadpool and the Mercs for Money has completely deteriorate, and being looked in a bank fault with the mercs, the tension has reach its end and the mercs find themselves in a battle royal, filled with witty and funny dialog the fight seems more like a joke then anything, but from the outside in it looks really bad considering the group is destroying public property like it’s nothing.

Finally S.H.E.I.L.D agent Emily Preston comes in and arrest’s everyone, with massive damage done to the city of Podunk, New Jersey Preston tells Deadpool he’s going to pay for all the damages, before leaving Preston warns Wade about the trouble he is causing and how it’s going to affect his Avengers status.

In custody the mercs ask Deadpool to lie about the damage done, and in court he tells the judge Kang was the reason they fought. The judge buys his story and frees them but under the condition he and the others must never come back to New Jersey, outside the court house Wade tells them they’re contracts are over and if he runs into any of them while on a mission he’ll take them out.  Now that the Mercs for Money is disbanded Wade heads over to agent Preston’s home for Sunday dinner but is rejected with a punch in the face from Emily.

The issue concludes with Wade heading back to his and Shiklah love pad and is surprise to find Jack the Wolf-Man, without saying anything he grabs his shotgun and shots Wolf-Man man despite Shiklah’s doubt he would do so.

Conclusion:  Not really much was going on is this issue besides the wrapping of the merc’s for money arc, like most Deadpool comics it’s filled with wise cracks and over the top action, one interesting note is what Preston said Deadpool. Will his actions eventually catch up to him and causes more friction between him and the Avengers?. Hopefully writer Gerry Duggan will focus on that later in any upcoming issues.

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