Review – Conan the Slayer #4 : Evil reveals its self!!

Review – Conan the Slayer #4 : Evil reveals its self!!

  • Writer: Cullen Bunn
  • Artist: Sergio Davila
  • Cover Artist: Serigo Davila
  • Published by: Dark horse Comics

Conan the Slayer #4 kicks it up a notch with action in this arcs mid-point, In the cvudu9dweaetpsbfirst issue we briefly seen Kyrlo encounter with an unknown creature, the creature then promised to help Kyrlo take the crown form his father but not without granting the creature a favor in return.

A lot was reviled in the first few pages, for one the creature is a Ghul who has been wondering battlefields for ages, it also seems to enjoy death destruction, the Ghul is seen tracking Conan and company for reasons unknown. As for Conan, Taraslan and Oskana they are traveling on foot back to the village, and when they reach the village they are surprise to see Taraslan’s father’s funeral pyre. Knowing Kyrlo is the cause of Hetman’s death Conan confronts Kyrlo and calls him out in front of the village, A fight breaks out and when Conan mercilessly takes out all of Kyrlo’s followers, Conan’s savage nature is shown in this skirmish reminding the readers that he too can be as dangerous when he needs too.

With Kyrlo capture Conan suggest Taraslan should take out his brother to avoid future conflicts that will happen if he lives, but Taraslan doesn’t agree and instead he locks his brother away in a tent. Later that night Kyrlo is confronted by the Ghul who agrees to help him escape.

Conan and the others are attack by dragon like creatures summoned by the Ghul, the attack was just a distraction for Kyrlo as he is seen fleeing with one of the monsters, an angry Conan promises Taraslan that if he sends him after Kyrlo he will take him.

Conclusion: This was an action base issue this time around, although we do get a little back story about the Ghul, it looks as if the Ghul will be the main villain from here on out and that’s a good little twist for this arc. The most intriguing part of this issue is Conan’s ruthlessness when he confronted Krylo, at one point he was pulling Krylo by his hair and was going to throw him into the Hetman’s funeral pyre, for me I found that moment to be significant because most writers rarely write him that way and I found that to be refreshing.

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