Review – Conan The Slayer #5 & 6

Review – Conan The Slayer #5 & 6

  • Writer: Cullen Bunn
  • Artist: Sergio Davila
  • Colorist: Michael AtiyehCover
  • Artist: Admira Wijaya
  • Published by: Dark horse Comics

After Killing his father Kyrlo and saved by his mysterious benefactor, Kyrlo has taking refuge in an old temple and now seems to have regretted killing his father, consume with anger of being passed over as king Kyrlo was tricked into helping the mysterious sorcerer with knowing it. The Sorcerer used his hate and anger Kylro had for his father against him, in the end Kyrlo’s traitorous actions got him and his brother killed, while at the same time putting Conan, Oksana and the Kozaks in danger from undead warriors of the past. Issue #5 ends with Conan coming face to face with the mysterious Sorcerer/ Necromancer

With tribe leader gone along with his sons the lord of Kharwarizm, Jehungir Agha sets forth a plan to take out the Kozak tribes, he sends assassins who attack during Taraslan’s pyre and quick begin to exterminate the Kozak tribe, During the battle the body of Taraslan rises, covered in flames Taraslan grabs the leader of the assassins and burns him to a crisp. When it’s all said, and done the Kozak name Conan their new leader despite his refusal. Conan becomes conflicted about the responsibility of leading the Kozak tribe and decides to take a walk through the woods and comes across a blood trail, at the end of the trail Conan is shock to find a half-eaten human corpse, in the background we see a humanoid beast looking at Conan from within the trees.

Conclusion: Necromancy is heavily at work here, at least in these latest issues (5&6), it seems as if the true main antagonist is pulling the strings using necromancy and the prime suspect has to be Ghaznavi, the priest who Jehungir Agha has working for him. What makes this issue work are the multiple potential sub-plots going on within this issue and for upcoming future, Cullen Bunn doesn’t just focuses on Conan but

Links: Preview | Order (Digital)                          Release Date: January 25, 2017

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