Review – Teen Titans #4: A Trial by Combat

Review – Teen Titans #4: A Trial by Combat

  • Writer: Benjamin Percy
  • Artist: Khoi Pham
  • Colorist: Jim Charalampidis
  • Cover Artist: Jonboy Meyers

In order to save the Teen Titans, Robin returns too Infinity Island with Ra’s al Ghul and the league of assassins. His cousin Mara and the Demon Fist also arrive and she challenges Damian to a trial by combat with the winner taking control of the league, meanwhile the Titans are at odds with Damian’s decision, especially Kid Flash.

Damian has always had a superiority complex towards the Teen Titans so when he sacrificed himself for the team it didn’t come across as a noble gesture to Kid Flash, it just seen like he was saving his own skin. The voice of reason came in this moment was Beast Boy, he reminds the team of Tim Drake’s death and how losing a Robin once again is something the team can’t have happen, so in honor of Tim they agree to go save the new Robin.

Back on the Infinity Island Damian prepares to face Mara in combat, before they start Mara begins to chastise Damian which initiates the fight, Damian displays his superiority in skill to Mara, he easily defeats her but refuses to kill her. This moment of weakness gives Mara a chance to recover and stab Damian in the back.

The Titans on the other hand infiltrate the Island in their attempt to save Robin, at the same time the Demon Fist members lock Damian in a cell and begin to talk about Mara, they know Mara only looks at them as tools not as team, one of the members Stone acknowledges Damian’s sacrifice for his team and states maybe they would be better off with Damian as leader not Mara.

Issue ends with the Titans finding Damian and breaking him out his cell.

Conclusion: Damian has shown a lot of growth as character, the fact that he’s fully committed to the Teen Titans shows this growth. Ra’s al Ghul is doing his best to try and turn Damian against the titans, even Bruce Wayne. Although the Titans don’t see Damian the same way they did Tim Drake, however they do respect him as their leader and as Robin.

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